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Got messages but less sells


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39 minutes ago, wordpress_xprt1 said:

Buyers message me but not ordering. I got 15 messages and got 2 orders only.

That's not unusual. It's normal for buyers to shop around, to message several sellers and then pick the one they like best. And some are not ready to order yet, they just message, but don't buy from anyone.

40 minutes ago, wordpress_xprt1 said:

Why other's avoiding me ? I am a new seller and I have only 8 reviews. Is that the reason ?

If being a new seller with a total of 8 reviews bothered those buyers that much, they wouldn't have messaged you in the first place.

Maybe they liked another seller better. Maybe that seller offered them a better service, or a better price, maybe that seller's English was better, or they were better able to present the value they would bring to the buyer, perhaps they're better communicators... There could be many reasons.

Oh, and using a stock photo of a white male on your gig images, while being a Bangladeshi man, might put some buyers off. They might think that you're trying to deceive them. If you're going to use photos of people on your gig images, use your own photo.

And finally, you have joined in January this year, and you have 8 reviews already, so you're doing great. Keep it up (as long as you didn't accomplish it by paying for reviews or breaking the rules in some other ways)!

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To improve your communication skills, focus on understanding your customers' needs and presenting your ideas. Observing and learning from the techniques of successful professionals can also be helpful. Good luck with your growth. ☺️


Be patient and Keep growing...


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