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Top-Tip for Sellers: Don't Spam


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In the ever-increasing competitiveness that exists on Fiverr, making yourself be seen can be quite a challenge, especially for new sellers. One tactic that too many sellers mistakenly turn to is to solicit other Fiverr members directly, using the Fiverr Message System.

Make no mistake, what can seem like a simple call for help is actually spam and can get your account permanently banned on Fiverr.

From the TOS:

“Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account disabled permanently.”

(Please especially note the words “promotional” and “spam” in the above sentence)

If I were a betting man, I would bet that a majority of the “I don’t understand why Fiverr would do this to me” messages we see here on the forum are folks who had their levels stripped or accounts banned for this very reason.

So how do you get people to notice you then?

The same way the rest of us do.

#1 -Always provide top quality work.

#2 -Quality presentation of your gig. (Is your gig description the absolute best it can be? Did you make a video?)

#3 -Share your gigs in your social networks.

#4 -Link to your gigs from your webpage or blog.

#5 -Be patient. (It took me 6 months to get any gigs rolling-in at all, then it snowballed)

If you have done all the above, rest assured the gigs WILL come. It will just take time. Fiverr will not change your life instantly; Nothing can. But, if you put in the hard work and stick with it, especially when things look their darkest, you will find that your determination and perseverance WILL pay you back. This is true not only on Fiverr, but in everything in life.

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Guest celticmoon

Excellent! Beautiful! Concise and easy to understand!

Now, if only we could get everyone to read it. :-w

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Guest designer003

Thanks for your post.I am a new seller.This post would be help me to get a sell my gigs.

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