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Man, Andy goes above and beyond with the replies. Not much more I can add after that!

As a rule of thumb, these small devices don't really do too much in regards to sound treatment. You want to tackle:

  • Sound isolation (noises from other rooms/your own room)
  • Sound treatment (wave reverberation: reverb/echoes from your own room)

Equipment like the one you posted doesn't really help with isolation and helps very little with treatment. I'd suggest either going for a full blown booth or just adding cushions and soft materials (rugs, matresses, etc.) around the microphone. Or get into the closet, it works too! 

Either way, the first thing to get sorted before starting with VO recording is the space. You can get great results with a low tier USB microphone and a properly treated space. After that you can move on to bigger things. I've recorded several A+ audiobooks with an AT2020 (a 98€ mic!) on a professional audiobook recording studio, so go figure!

As for my own setup, I started with cushions and pillows around my microphone, like 8-10 years ago. Then upgraded to a DemVox booth 6 years ago (which I had to treat, because the default treatment is very lacking) and right now I'm finishing building my own recording studio. So not really a Home Studio anymore I'm afraid.

How it started (I remember covering with a thick blanket to record 😅)



How it continued:




How it'll finish:






As for equipment, right now I'm happy with both a Neumann u87Ai and a Sennheiser MKH416. I used a TLM103, wich I saved to use as well on other rooms in the new studio. I use an Avalon M5 preamp, but will upgrade to an Avalon 737sp on the new space. Using an Apollo Twin 1st gen as an interface, and will also upgrade to an Apollo Twin X for my booth, and a Focusrite Red 8 Line on the big room. 

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