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How new users get into fiver and get first order?

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2 hours ago, creativeminds97 said:

Guys, please share valuable opinions here so new users can easily get an idea what they can do.

When you are new...

and you have zero reviews...

zero credibility...

zero buyer requests...

zero buyer briefs...

and zero clue on how to market your gigs on social media...

your most powerful tool to get orders will be your gig.

So makes sure that your gig stands out and impresses potential buyers.

If you were a buyer and had 2 seconds to click on the best gig in search, which would you pick and why?

Browse the gigs of your competition. What unique selling points (USPs) do you have that they don't? What will make your gig stronger and more attractive than theirs? What can you offer that your competition can't?

Does your gig look professional? If you were a buyer, would you buy your gig Are you utilizing all three gallery images, 2 PDFs, and gig videos to showcase all that you have to offer to your buyers? Building my portfolio was what I spent a lot of my time doing when I was first starting out and it was worth it. Buyers would contact me saying that they say my portfolio and knew I could do their project.

Don't forget to monitor how your gig is doing. See if the impressions are increasing. Make note of how many clicks you are getting. If buyers contact you, make note of their comments, because that can give you insight on what attracted them to your gig and what your buyers are looking for. I set up 6 gigs based on my conversations with buyers in my inbox chats.

Find ways to convert clicks into orders and orders into more orders. When I first started, I found out that I was able to help each customer in many ways, so usually customers were buying 2-5 orders from me. Those orders helped me to grow quickly and get more orders.

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