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How can I get my First Order on Fiverr?


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13 hours ago, labiba_rahman said:

Buyer request option is gone. So how do we get new sellers to work?

Buyer Request is replaced with Buyer Briefs, so please make sure your brief option is turned on.

Also, make improvements to your gigs so that buyers will come to you. That's how Fiverr is designed and what makes it unique.

Determine who your target buyers are, and make sure your gig images, profile, and descriptions are written with them in mind so that they'll want to place an order when they visit your gig.

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10 hours ago, tharinduslaksha said:

You should Do SEO. Add Good Keywords, Description,Title And Images. You Can Make Attractive Thubnails Using Canva For Free. If You Need PPro account For Free, I can Provide The Link

I noticed that in 1 year's time you only have 11 reviews.

It seems that the advice that you are providing did not help you a lot.

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