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Welcome to the forum, @zilali6302!

The good news is that you've had at least 8 orders within the last month, so you are getting orders.

Another good point is that you have great impressions, so your gigs are getting seen.

What you have to work on is converting the impressions to clicks, and then the clicks into orders. You need to increase your conversion rate.

Low clicks mean buyers who see your gig aren't interested enough to click on it. This is influenced by your your gig images, gig videos, prices, seller level, and number of reviews. I personally find your gig images too busy, with a lot of text and images. Try to keep your gig images simple, with only 3-5 words describing your services.

If clicks are not turning into orders, that means you didn't convince the buyers who did check out your gig page to buy from you. They went on to order from other sellers. Factors that affect this include your seller profile/bio, gig descriptions, FAQs, price packages, your reviews, and your gallery images.

Here are my comments for your profile:

1. Add in FAQs - if buyers are visiting your site and they still have questions, they might just leave for another seller. Consider the questions your buyer might ask and answer them in your FAQ. You can also cross-link your gigs in the FAQs to gain more orders.

2. In 5 of your 6 gigs, you end with a statement that asks your sellers to "direct massage" you ..change this to "direct message" you.

3. There are quite a few proofreading errors in your profile and gigs - please have someone proofread them for you. I found some of the wording hard to understand, such as "First discuss then place order but not cancel issue." You also write several keywords and certain words in interesting ways, so I'm wondering if this is intentional (i.e., y0utube, y-utube, you-tube, YT, I.nstagram, v ideos, etc.).

4. You start several gigs with "Hello Dear" and "Sir" - you can get rid of these references as it doesn't address your female buyers and use of the word "dear" can seem unprofessional.

5. You are promising growth in traffic, which may depend on a number of factors that you can't control. You might want to include a disclaimer that you don't guarantee results. I read a few of your reviews stating that you were a fraud/scam. I'm not saying you are, but if you make promises and the buyers don't see those promises fulfilled, you will have a lot more negative reviews.

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