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Client not gave any feedback..they took the design and go away


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Oh Yee…

I GOT THE First order for this gig…

but thing is already i delivered it within 15min but he/she get all mokeup, printable files and pngs and didn’t gave any feedback…

i have 498 orders buyers get the design and all files and go away…

can you give a idea for solve this ??

thank you

How many orders do you have like this ?

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Guest celticmoon

Leaving a review is optional, meaning the buyer doesn’t have to do that. Before the new rating system, about 75% to 80% of my customers left a review, and I considered that a good percentage. I see that you have a higher number, but that is not the usual for most sellers.

If you do a forum search, you can find other threads and posts discussing ways to encourage higher percentage of ratings, but you can’t force buyers to leave ratings.

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