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We are responsible for this. Before we learn to work, we talk about income. There are many people who ask me before learning to work, how much is the income here, how much money can I earn after 1 month, how much will be my income every month. Those who want sudden success get nothing but zero on their foreheads. ➡️Hey brother this is freelancing here you have to come with this mind set that for the next 6 months I will only learn and not worry about any money. Because the more experience one has in the freelancing sector, the more successful they are. ✌️There are many people who get 5/10 dollar jobs after 2/1 months of learning, because they learn well from the beginning. But after getting this job, many people do not focus on learning because of the addiction of income, their education remains incomplete in the middle due to which they do not get success and storm out of this sector forever. This will happen in 1 month, brother don't fall into their trap, only your money and time will be wasted. Think carefully where you will always get support, even if the money is a little more, it will not be a waste. Hopefully, from now on, no one will go to learn freelancing for dollar 100 in 1 month. Take good service with money and time.

Best wishes to all.

Thank you


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Hi @web_clwon - I agree that most people come to Fiverr platform looking for instant success and are not interested in learning. But don't get analysis paralysis! You can learn and grow your business at the same time. I noticed you have one review on your account and that's a great start! How is the forum helping you build your business?

Also, FYI, links are not allowed in this category - they are only allowed in "My Fiverr Gigs" and "Improve My Gig."😉

I'm looking forward to chatting with you on the forum!

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