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My gig has this weird issue



Hello, I'm a level 2 seller on fiverr.
So a year ago, I got a warning out of nowhere including no details, so I contacted fiverr support and asked them what the reason was and after they investigated, they responded that it was due to some system errors and that it was removed. 
A day later, I checked my gigs performance and suddenly the impressions had dropped to 30 from upwards of 1000+ per day, 
it seemed weird but I ignored it but it kept there for no appeared reason like my gig was pushed to the side due to the warning and fiverr support kept saying that the gig is fine and active without any issues. 
I kept making tickets for a whole year in hope that they will maybe look into the issue but no help. 
Recently I changed my gigs looks and noticed that it doesn't even tell me when the changes were made to it which made me 100% sure that something is definitely wrong with it and asked a friend to make changes to his gig so I could get a screenshot for comparison. If anyone knows how to directly contact the relevant fiverr team or any other solution, please let me know.
 I will attach all the relevant screenshots below.    



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29 minutes ago, shahpirzada79 said:

If anyone knows how to directly contact the relevant fiverr team or any other solution, please let me know.

Unfortunately, in this case, the Customer Support is the only "Relevant Team". There are no other teams offering support, unless you have Fiverr Plus. If you do, you could talk to a success manager. 

I'm not sure if your stats not showing changelogs will affect your visibility on the platform, but I doubt it. 

There could be many reasons why your visibility has dropped. Perhaps the warning took you down for a little while, and that caused a cascading effect. Fiverr seems to reward sales with more sales, so if you went invisible due to a warning, that could affect you going forward as well, even if the warning was removed. 

You say this happened a year ago. If you lost your "edge" back then and still haven't been able to pick things back up, I'd look into improving my gigs further to (hopefully) land some sales. 

I see that you only have one gig. The thumbnail on that gig could be improved. Too much text (and small fonts) will make the thumbnail look messy and even unreadable on mobile. 

Getting a professional gig video made can help increase engagement with your gig (up to 40% increase, according to Fiverr), so that's also something you can look into. 

Your gig description is on the right track, but it could become even better. Look into hiring a pro writer or just a proofreader to help it shine. 

Perhaps launch a new gig or two, based on what you're good at, in hopes of getting some sales coming on from new niches. As a level two seller, you can create up to 20 gigs. 

If you lack the skills to offer something at the moment, you could go learn some new skills over at learn.fiverr.com or another eLearning site. Tons of great courses out there to help you improve and expand your business! 

Make sure to follow all best practices and impress your buyers by over-delivering and ensuring great communication from start to finish, with top-notch delivery quality. Getting that buyer satisfaction rate up will help you become more visible. 

Best of luck! 

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