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How i can earn Fiverr Badges



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5 minutes ago, haroonansari said:

I am using Fiverr since 2015 and i got TRS badge in 2020 but in my Fiverr forum profile i still have three badges, anybody suggests me how I can get more badges and increase my rank?



Badges on the Fiverr forum has nothing to do with your status as a seller, level or your gigs. 

Your activity on the forum has nothing to do with the rest of your Fiverr profile. 

If you're talking about badges on the Fiverr platform (not the forum) you can get badges like "RISING TALENT" if you're new and Fiverr deems your gig to be excellent. You can get "Fiverr's Choice" for the same reasons: If Fiverr thinks you're more likely to land the sale and earn money for the platform/deliver great quality and you receive tons of positive feedback – both private feedback and reviews –you may be awarded with the "Fiverr's Choice" badge. 

If you're just talking about forum badges, there are tons of them. You get them for stuff like contributing useful content, liking posts, having your posts receive a large number of likes, and so on and so forth. 

In other words: if you're a productive member of the community here, you will receive badges from time to time. But they mean nothing

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9 minutes ago, haroonansari said:

Well, thanks for your response, i already have the Fiverr Top rated badge on Fiverr platform but after changing the Fiverr algorithm i don't think this badge is useful.. The profile is going down…

What do you think? 

I just responded to your other thread about the drop in business you've been experiencing, with some tips on how to improve and the likely reason why you've experienced such a drop. 


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@haroonansari, I think it's awesome that your have the TRS badge and have been maintaining it for all these years! Not everyone gets it and it shows that you are doing many things right.

As you know, business changes constantly so you always need to keep studying your market and refining your business. The forum is a great place to learn from other sellers and improve your game.

I really like this article by @miiila! Every seller (newbies and TRSs alike) should do this:


I also like this article by @eoinfinnegan:

 And @williambryan392's post has a ton of resources that can help you as well:

I hope you have fun learning on the forum and growing your business on the platform! 

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