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The most you can do as a seller is send an offer, do the work and deliver. The payment happens when the buyer accepts the offer you made which starts an order. On the order page you deliver, and once the order is marked complete / the buy accepts delivery, then the payment goes to you.


Fiverr serves the invoice, the buyer is the one who will download it. The invoice in this case is only available if an order is actually made. You can share the links below to them.



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5 hours ago, virtualmommaria said:

I have a buyer thru message I created an offer and started then finished the task.

Did you build a custom offer via the "Create an Offer" button in the messaging system? Did the Buyer accept the custom offer, creating an order page? Did you deliver through the order page using the "Deliver Now" button?

5 hours ago, virtualmommaria said:

now asking for invoice

5 hours ago, virtualmommaria said:

And what is this invoice about?

I'm going to guess the buyer means 'invoice' in the the way someone asks for the bill or check when they finish their meal in a restaurant.

5 hours ago, virtualmommaria said:

how can I ask for the payment.

You'll only be paid once an order is marked 'complete'.


This might help: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010559198-Custom-offers

(And I sincerely hope this is an honest Buyer.)

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