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Found 10 results

  1. A seller send me an offer, when I came to payment process I haven't see payment option via Credit card (VISA), concerning that I was seeing payment option via PayPal & Credit Card in my account as a buyer, and now I cant see other payment methods except PayPal. I've put a screenshot that describe my issue. not PayPal is not available in my country (Sudan)
  2. Hello I'm new to the platform and wants to purchase a gig but I'm having difficulty doing that cos the only payment method available is PayPal. I want to ask how can I use other payment method like Payooner to purchase a gig.
  3. No matter what payment method I use to pay of a gig or send a tip, I keep getting this error: There’s an issue with your payment. Here’s what you can do: • Contact your bank or your payment provider to get more details about the issue. • Provide another payment method to complete your order. Is this happening to anyone else, or just me? I would like to tip someone that recently did some work for me, and possibly hire them again. I have contacted Support and have yet to receive a reply.
  4. I've been trying to pay for a gig but constantly getting payment errors. The two errors I get are: "Sorry, we were unable to process your payment," "translation missing: en.error.finance.pay.error.gateway_error.title" My bank says that the problem is not on their end and their VISA cards always work with Fiverr: "This is not an issue from our end. Please contact Fiverr customer support in this regard. All we are getting is a reversal hit, also known as a temporary hold transaction. The reversal transaction is getting initiated by Fiverr. Please contact their support team in this regard." I've contacted them multiple times and they constantly say that everything's fine on their end. I contacted the Fiverr customer support and this is what I got in reply: "According to the information that I see, it appears that Fiverr did not receive the funds for the transaction. If a pending transaction appears on your bank statement, then note that it is being canceled and the hold/reservation your bank put on the funds is being released. You should see the funds in your credit card balance within the next 2-10 days." I don't understand this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello I am new in fiverr, I have a buyer thru message I created an offer and started then finished the task. After he is now asking for invoice. Can someone help me to figure out how can I ask for the payment. And what is this invoice about?
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding payment refund strategies. When my account was disabled, my pending clearance section contained a substantial amount. All of my earnings came from completed orders. I do not believe my account will be reactivated, and I received an email stating that I will receive a refund within 90 days. I would like to know whether pending clearance funds will also be refunded or only cleared funds. please assist
  7. Hi everyone, I got a message from a client and when it was time for me to send him a custom offer, he said that he was getting "error" and he couldn't make payment. I told him to order straight from my gig package and he said it was the same thing. Does anyone know what's going on?
  8. I don't have any experience in global payment services. Recently, I create a account on Payoneer though Fiverr referral. I receive an email from Payoneer that they approved my request to get payments from Fiverr. All payments received from Fiverr will be deposited directly into my bank account. I have also option to withdraw money from Payoneer to bank. But Still my NID verification and global payment service is under review in Payoneer. If I withdraw money from Fiverr now, can I receive the money from Payoneer to Bank? or, I have to wait for the verifications?
  9. Share some of your Fiverr experiences in terms of delays with payments . Thank you.
  10. Tried initiating withdrawal this morning and I've been telling me to check details or contact CS. Please, is this an issue peculiar to me, or a somewhat technical issue? I've contacted CS but no reply yet. For the record, I withdrew yesterday and just needed to foot a bill with the available fund today.
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