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Can I use 'Payment', and 'Payment Gateway' Word in The Gig Descriptions, FAQ, and Requirements?



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On 5/16/2022 at 11:34 AM, tohidul_pappu said:

Basically, the 'payment' word should not use in the message. 
But If I use it on the gig description, gig FAQ, gig requirements, gig image or gig title then will it be Ok? 


'Payment Gateway'

You can use the word "payment" in messages. The automatic reminder that pops up is just to ensure you are aware of the fact that asking for payments outside of Fiverr is a violation of the ToS. 

It's not the word "pay" that Fiverr takes issue with, it's how it gets used. Sometimes, I've seen my messages going into a queue for review by the Trust and Safety team when using certain keywords, meaning it can take longer to reach the buyer. For example, if the name of a certain platform that Fiverr identifies as possible sharing of contact information is mentioned due to it being in a script, the message might get flagged for review automatically. 

Even so, I've never had a message denied or any warnings for using the flagged words, since it was never in a way that violates any terms on Fiverr. 

If you need to use the word Payment gateway in your description to describe a service/functionality you offer, then that shouldn't be a problem. If in doubt, you could always reach out to support for verification before trying to use certain words that may trigger the automatic review system. 

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