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I like @imagination7413's response.

A subscription order is pretty straight forward. You establish deliverables, set a price (usually a discounted price), and a recurring schedule. Once set, it will reoccur according to the set schedule until cancelled. This works bests with customers that you are consistently getting orders from (and the deliverables are pretty much the same every time).

It gets tricky if the deliverables and schedules are constantly changing. If you deliver a weekly subscription order early and the buyer needs more work done, you will need to set up a mini order in between the subscription orders (you can't move the subscription order to start earlier). Or if your weekly subscription order is going slower than normal and you need an extension, you might have several subscription orders piling up on top of each other. If you want to cancel a subscription, it has to be canceled 10 days before the next subscription starts (even for weekly subscriptions).

My orders tend to be dynamic so it's not worth all the headaches to keep making adjustments to the subscription orders. I just make multiple offers (with different requirements) to my buyers and they accept the offers in their inbox as we finish each project. If there are changes, I withdraw my offer and send a new one. This works easier for us.

However, subscriptions may work well for you and your customers, so it doesn't hurt to try!

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