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Tips for Better Freelancing: Part One - Choose your Coffee Wisely

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2 hours ago, newsmike said:

Tommy, this is why I want you on my side in every single bar fight.  Bada Bing. 

Buddy, in thirty years of playing music - I’ve been in some good ones. 

Not bad for an English Lit academic with a propensity for absurd vaudeville - who leans more Tin Pan Alley than he does Greg Allman. 

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16 hours ago, damooch916 said:
Coffee is for closers. Only.
Then, Baldwin went on to have a podcast or something and I refuse to acknowledge anything passed that. 
The point was made. In one sentence, writer David Mamet deconstructed the difference between the successful and the not-successful.
It boils down to our concepts of time and reward. It comes down to our ideas of preparation and our engagement with the minutes we have vs the minutes we use. Lemmon’s character didn’t deserve a “break,” because he hadn’t earned one. Baldwin’s character seeks to implement his own “self-regulation” onto a person who can’t possibly imagine living with such a demanding structure. To Levene, this is cruel and degrading behavior meant solely to demoralize. But to Blake, this is the first step in understanding the art of success. 
Routine is the art of analyzing your time and engineering a code that seeks to increase your success.

What a great example and cherry on top, that's one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

The concept of time/reward is universal I think.

What changes is our perception. 

Sounds like mumbo-jumbo, but having the right mindset is key. 

How you can do that? It's simple: much like anything else, you need to train for it.

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