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Anybody else experiencing issues with Seller Plus?



Hi all!

I'm experiencing issues with Seller Plus - in that it's completely killed my gig.

I was gaining great momentum between June and October last year, making between $500-$900 a month, which I was happy with. 

In November I signed up to Seller Plus and every week since my gig has performed worse and worse. My money for this month stands at $100 - and that came from a previous buyer and buyer requests (I've never had to rely on buyer requests before) - absolutely nothing from buyers finding me. Also, this is the first month my promoted gig has made no sales.

My impressions went from 200-250 a day to between 25-40. 

I'm kind of tearing my hair out, because it's not an insignificant amount of money to drop each month.

Any thoughts?

Thanks all!


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