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What are the actions Fiverr can take to make the sellers more secure?


Sellers, do you think buyers should be verified with their ID too?  

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  1. 1. Will it be annoying for the buyer?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Will it be good for you sellers?

    • Yes
    • No

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Hello. Thank you for this weightless suggestion box. If it’s anything that’s been proven on the fiverr forum it’s this:

Our suggestions are always implemented.

That’s right. The forum is like a stowed away Genie lamp. It’s faint voice crashing off the walls of an abandoned parlor … calling … calling ever slightly. We need only to hold it, conjure thought and speak. Bada - bing. Our wish is Fiverr’s command.

That said, I have some very strong security suggestions and I’d like to share them.

1) Seatbelts.

Have you ever been minding your own business, basking in the warm glow of your daily tasks and suddenly, without warning, without any idea as to how, you’ve received a new order? 

“But, but … my gig says to message me before the purchase.”

And you wait. Your world starts tilting. Slowly at first like a gentle tide, but then violent as you jerk and slam like a human pinball. 

Then it happens: the client asks for five things, four that you don’t offer, two that are illegal on the mainlands and one that can make you remove the mirrors in your own home.

All for the price of your basic package.

It’s no wonder you’ve fallen to the floor.

2) Weapons. 

Obviously I’m not referring to actual weapons.

Just hand to hand combat weapons. Look man, a pair of scissors has a practical application. It’s not my fault that their construct allows for imaginative functionality. Lest you think I’m crazy or something. 

And I can hear you asking, “dude, why would you need a weapon to do your job?”

And to that I say, “have you ever had to explain copyright to a customer?” 

 3) Barbed Wire. 

This isn’t actually to protect from a problem that occurred due to fiverr - but I’d like them to float the bill all the same. 

The jagged force field would be used to combat the single greatest threat to our freelancing career. A force, so destructive, so uncompromisingly sadistic, so intuitively and passionately disruptive that it runs the risk of pulling our collective societies apart. 

Our children. 

I mean seriously. How can they need another snack. You’re not even four feet tall - what are you gonna do with that whole box of cereal? And by the way, stop jumping on the couch. Yes you are. Yes. You are. I’m in the other room, not another reality. And you, how can you never have homework? I’d like to see in the school schedule where it says, “home is to be your sanctuary. Have you tried Nintendo Switch?” Ugh! Now why is that one crying? What! How do accidentally punch someone in the face? Don’t tell me it wasn’t you. It was you. I know it was. Dude, you’re wearing boxing gloves and a robe that says, “Sting like a bee.” Hey! That’s an entertainment center, Super Dave, calm it down. Don’t bring that dog in here. Don’t you dare. Is that mud? That better be mud. 

These are just a few ideas to get us into the security conversation. Personally, I can’t wait to see them put into practice. 

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