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Order cancelled for misunderstanding , How can i get my work back ?

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A buyer ordered for a website. And i did made him the website. But after sometime because of misunderstanding between us the order was cancelled. But he still have the website. And i had worked a lot on it. So ultimately he got the website for free. I have access to the GitHub repository where the website is hosted.
He first saw my sample website, which was my personal website. and he wanted a similar one. So his website and mine looks similar. So now i want my work back. What can i do ? Do i still own the copyright of the website ?

The website: http://pipipapipo.com
repository: https://github.com/pipipapipo/test_web

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doubt that Fiverr support could do anything about it, but it's always a good idea to ask them what options you have now. However, If he decides to use the site you made, you can contact the hosting company and prove to them that he did not pay for your work on the site, therefore violating copyrights. There's a slight chance you could get his site down. Given that you have solid proof.

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Do you still have admin permissions to the site? If so, you should be able to unpublish the site and/or revoke the client's permissions. I've never used GitHub, so I don't know if they have those features, but I don't see why they wouldn't. 

If they don't or you already gave the client full ownership permissions of the site, then the only thing you can do is contact Fiverr support, maybe report the buyer, and don't give away ownership until final approval.

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