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Am I the only one struggling ?



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2 minutes ago, nahar_lucky said:

First of all keep patience, patience is the key of success. Send buyer request regularly and share your gigs on social media if you have friends or connections who are seeking for your services. Best of luck! 

Thank you but there is a problem I don get buyer requests on my feed . In 2 weeks i sent 20 buyer request because I am not getting more

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You are not the only one struggling. I am struggling as well. I started using my Fiverr account in December 2020 and since then I've gotten just one order. Buyer requests are few and far between from the last few months, with about 4 requests showing up in my feed every week or two only. I had contacted customer support about such few buyer requests and the only answer i got time and again from them was "it depends on the buyer". I see so many sellers in my category with several reviews which means they are getting several orders. I cannot even find my gig in the listings. Fiverr's search algorithm is very weird. Gig impressions usually go up by one point after ages then drop quickly by one or more points. So that means people cannot find my gig and if they can, they are not even bothering to view it. Inspite of posting my gig's link on LinkedIn, there have been no queries for orders, no nothing. You are in a much better position than I am.

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5 hours ago, leet_studio said:

So it is safe to say that fiverr is not what it was anymore ? Much less traffic than it used to be ? 

Nope it’s not safe to say that. 

My income almost doubles every year. And I know a lot of other sold sellers who is adapting to the market and never lost any sales. 
it’s all about how you position yourself and how competitive is your offer to client and if fiverr’s algorithm eyes. 

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22 hours ago, shawalshajib said:

publish as many gig as possible to get more buyer request.

Why do you some of you say to publish many gigs to get orders or for buyer requests? Sellers should not make gigs for the sake of making gigs simply because they are authorized to do so. This is why some people publish gigs when they are not qualified or skilled to perform the service. Then they end up back on the forum asking for help with ranking, impressions, clicks, etc. Just stick to what you know and work on perfecting or mastering that craft first. Then learn a new trick, become proficient in that skill, and make a gig for it. Sometimes, it's better to not be greedy, but learn how to preserve and savor what you already have. 

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Hey !

Patience is the only key in the initial stage on Fiverr.

I have waited for 4 Months to get my first order.

After That I have learnt so many things to make the process fast like,

Sharing GIGs on multiple social media accounts, Utilising all the Daily Buyer Requests(Trust me this worked like a GEM for me), Quick responses and Lowest possible GIG rates.

I hope you'll find something helpful from this.

- Krushang 

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