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  1. Has anyone else had an education or certificate status pending for a long time on their profile page? My English degree has been approved for years, but my MBA is still pending. I contacted CS and was informed: I wanted to let you know that the Skill and Education Section is still pending approval. This is because there haven't been many users adding this particular skill, causing it to remain pending. The education section will continue to show as pending until multiple users share the same education on their profiles. I don't understand what others' education has to do with mine. And it's not even a skill... Am I the only one who has had a problem with education approval? If not, were you able to resolve it?
  2. Welcome back to Fiverr. You seem to have a good idea of what you can do to get back on track. And you are optimistic, kind of like a new seller 🙂. Fiverr has grown tremendously since you were last active. You are already aware of the competition and algorithm, so at least you're not clueless or have unrealistic expectations. My advice is to perform the best you can, appreciate your customers, and wait for Fiverr to recognize your hard work. Though sometimes, honestly, Fiverr won't.
  3. If you are certain that you maintained all the requirements to keep your TRS status, I suggest you contact Customer Support. Maybe there was a mistake in the system. I've heard of people getting TRS without meeting the requirements, so I would not be surprised if someone loses it while maintaining the requirements.
  4. Hello @veroalana. Yes, I understand and I appreciate your input. It's good to get other perspectives even if we don't agree 🙂.
  5. Hi. Thank you for your feedback. It was actually not a matter of having everything addressed in the requirements page. This was part of a modification to the order and I was needing her to verify one of the references she used in her book. But yes, I agree with what you are saying. I'm not sure what makes you think I didn't or don't work smart or tough. You don't know anything about me except for what I've shared. The "cotton candy" reference is unnecessary, immature, and kind of funny, to be honest. Don't be fooled by my smile and friendly online etiquette. And I agree that timing is important in Fiverr. However, there are some sellers who endure unforseen circumstances which results in a tardy delivery. That wasn't my case of course, and I don't blame the buyer. I take full accountability for my mistake.
  6. I think if I had asked for an extension, it would have probably covered me in a sense. I mean, if the buyer doesn't respond to my request for an extension, at least it's documented that I requested it. Maybe that would have helped. But it's okay. Thank you for your feedback, Katakatica 🙂
  7. I love this. You are absolutely right!
  8. It's somewhat of a relief to learn that I was not or am not the only person going through a slump. Mine is a little more sucky, in my opinion, though, as you can see from my attachment. But there's a backstory to my dilemma. So, I admit to the lateness of the order. I had a client whom I was waiting to hear back from so I could deliver her work. It was important for her to answer my question. I did not want to deliver something that had not been completed, and I know some people deliver incomplete work, but I don't. So, the time passed, no word from her, and my delivery ended up being 5 hours late. I was not overly worried. This was my first late order ever. I saw my percentage drop to 86 or something like that. However, I figured I'd get another order, and all would be well. I got another order a few days later. My percentage increased to 88. I was feeling better, and I got another order, and it went to 90. Yet, the next day, it went back down to 89 😞. I did some checking and realized that my gigs were no longer being featured or even seen on the platform. I received no messages either—nothing for weeks. So, I asked Customer Support how am I supposed to get another order if my gigs have been "removed?" They told me to wait for an order from a repeat customer. That didn't happen until it was too late. On March 15, I got demoted. So, yeah...But I'm still sticking around and trying not to be bitter about it. It definitely hasn't affected my work ethic or quality of work. But I agree that it is strange that so many people had similar problems during this time. Hopefully, things improve, but we all understand the inconsistencies of this type of business.
  9. Okay, I thought of one, and let me warn ya'll, it is corny! Lol Person one: Excuse me. Do your parents own a vineyard? Person two: No, why? Person one: Because, girl/boy you are fine as wine. Hey, somebody out there would fall for it 😅
  10. I don't have any pick up lines, but your's was cute. Lol. I wouldn't fall for it personally but it's worth a smile!
  11. What do you need them to answer about? Did you ask the buyer a question that would affect the delivery? If not, an Autocomplete order is fine. It doesn't show up in your gig profile for others to see as "Autocomplete." Complete means complete, no matter if a revision was done, a review was left, you got a tip, or the buyer accepted the delivery. And why would the order be shown in your gig gallery, anyway? You don't necessarily have to share your customers' delivery in your gallery. Some buyers actually don't like that.
  12. @mariashtelle1is right. You have to do your own research for that answer. There may be someone on the forum who does grant research and grant proposals, but it is not a guarantee they will respond. So, to ensure that you get the information you need, just find it yourself.
  13. I agree. The bugs I ate were covered in caramel or chocolate or something. And they were kind of crunchy. I'm a texture-first, taste-second eater, so I was okay with it.
  14. Oh my goodness 😳. Some people actually eat that kind of stuff, though. I myself have eaten crickets 😋 🤷🏾‍♀️. Lol.
  15. So you're just going to quit because your payment is late? Um...wow. Where is the problem-solving and resiliency? What else have you done about it? Have you contacted Customer Support?
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