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How to convert buyer request to order?



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There's no real answer to this. I've responded to more than 400 buyer requests by now, and managed to convert only 3 or 4 of them to a sale.
BR are extremely competitive and there's no way to say what may convince an individual buyer to convert.

However, the best approach in my opinion is to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Imagine what you would look for in a response if you were to post that request.

1. Read through the entire request till you completely understand what they're looking for.
2. Don't talk about you, your Fiverr profile already has all the information a buyer would need.
3. Instead, talk about what you can do, how you can do it.
4. Ask any immediate questions that may arise to show the buyer that you've read their request thoroughly, and you know what you're doing.
5. Don't say things like "you won't regret if you hire me" or "I will do a good job" or "Sir" and things of that nature. Always be professional when you talk to a client, just as you would in real life.
6. Think well about the the actual price you're going to charge to complete their project and mention that price when you respond to a Buyer Request. Low price will not be attractive to most buyers, and you should quote the appropriate fee even if the buyer has mentioned a price that is lower than what you'd normally charge.
7. Never copy paste a pre-written response. Any intelligent human being could see right through that.
8. Take all the time you need to respond to a request. A well thought out response that is both relevant, and addressing what the buyer is looking for will definitely win over being the first to respond with a plain, pre-written response any day of the week.

Hope that helps.

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Converting Buyers' Requests to Orders is an important factor in the success of any seller.
Understand your buyers' decision-making process and make it easy for them to request a quote.
Improve your response time and provide great customer service. 
The solution comes from listening to what the customer wants sincerely and then providing benefits that fit their needs.
When you know your product and industry well, converting a potential sale will be easier than ever.

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