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Inconceivable seller - Need help!


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Hello community,

I have a big problem: I entrusted my wordpress site that I created with Avada to a vendor because I wanted to have minor graphical changes.

Result: The site is completely shot. In the title it says "Error 56". The seller now tells me that he will not restore the page until I give him 5 stars and do not request another revision.

What can I do? I feel helpless.


Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? I would like to solve it myself and then request a refund.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-13 um 12.05.23.png

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  • hashyx changed the title to Inconceivable seller - Need help!

Collect all the evidence of seller's wrongdoing (screenshots and anything else you can gather).. they are not supposed to blackmail you like that...

Then secure your website.. reset passwords for your web hosting, website etc.. most web hosting service providers offer daily backups, so you might want to restore the functional version of your website using one of those backups.. contact your web hosting service provider's support team for help on that.. 

Next, send all the evidence you gathered to Fiverr's customer support...

Email for customer support is -> support@fiverr.com

But please bear in mind that in case the transaction and all the messages with the seller back and forth happened outside Fiverr (which is also against Fiverr's Terms of Service), then Fiverr may not be able to help you.. 

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