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Seller badge and Buyer badge at the same time?



Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing great!
I was wondering about this from quite a few days and couldn't get the answer from anywhere. So, here it is:

Can we have a badge of level 2 seller and a top rated/ business/ any badge for buyer as well on the same account at the same time?
For example, as I'm a level 2 seller at fiverr right now. Is there a chance I can have any badge of buyer at the same time if I buy a lot?
If yes, what benefits would that give? Like more protection for the account etc?

Looking forward to the response of all awesome people on this forum😊

Thanks in advance,

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Yes you can have a seller badge and a buyer related badge at the same time. There are no benefits about having two of them at the same time, and there is no point in striving for a buyer badge. You will receive the benefits from the inclusions of the respective badges. Such as if you have the VID badge (for buyers), then you have benefits of that badge. If you are a TRS (seller) then you will receive benefits of that. There are no benefits for specifically having both badges at the same time.

Regardless of all those badges, the only thing you should strive for a seller is making sales and getting good feedback from buyers so they become repeat buyers. The badges will follow.


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