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Found 21 results

  1. I'm new to Fiverr. It's been a long time since. At first, I published a few gigs. There were no sales. So, I deleted a few gigs. I did the account creation. I have a gig that has first sales. Now how can I raise the sales of this gig? I need your help. https://www.fiverr.com/shamsujjaman_h/do-portrait-headshot-retouching
  2. Hello successful people, You can call me Mastertwitch or Kenneth. I'm curious to become great on my full time freelancer and to become great on this Amazon Marketplace. I have a service that am I rendering before which is email marketing, it very saturated. I have passion for this service but never make a dime in the marketplace for past 1 year, so I decide to change a service, as we know that it against Fiverr TOS to have two accounts. I need to delete the account and move to Twitch marketing. The reason I moved to twitch is that I can render email marketing on it and help those streamers to get organic viewers and followers. I have different tested marketing plans relate to email marketing and social media marketing for those streamers. I tried almost everything in which am capable to do, to rank in the Fiverr algorithms and to produce valuable service, which was told in Fiverr learn. Still the same, I realized those streamers love quick results. I'm not here to said abusive words, but my experience makes me realize that. I decide to look for solution on Fiverr support, still not get the answer why buyers are not ready to click on my profile. I meet one of Fiverr staff, I was told these sentences. (I would advise you to make some changes in your gig, which will lead to a shift in the algorithm and may help in the positioning of your gig.) Does not mean to change services, right? After some critical thinking by myself, I found across to ask this question say, Which services on this platform that are relevant and have quality services in which potential buyers will be able to look for. It's true, all service as their own uniquest. Want to get advice and knowledge before moving into another service, or should I fight the battle by win the race in these services. I will love to hear from your experiences and a piece of advice. Thank you all
  3. I am a level 2 seller and haven't received any order since 2 months. I have done SEO, social media marketing, changed gig images but nothing worked. Is there anyone else who is facing the issue? If anyone can review my profile and gigs, let me know so that I can share the link to be reviewed,
  4. Hello Friends, I'm a level 2 seller and I had good impressions and orders. Normally there was 6-7 orders in queue normally. And I was in the first page as well. But suddenly I was not found in the search results and now the impressions are very low. Not getting orders properly as well. I cannot promote my gig even though I have the feature. Is this normal. Is this something happened to everyone. I heard that something gig rotation. Is this is because of that. i want to know your opinions. Below image is the performance within 30 days in my shop.
  5. Hello People, I have a question. My gig was denied 2 days back and i put a question for Customer support. I just update the Gig title as i was just saved the gig my gig was denied as the very next moment. I as for fiverr but they did not give me proper answer. I ask almost 3 times. even though 1 of my ticket is still open and they did not reply me for two days. Anyone please let me know how can i solve this issue.
  6. I have heard many sellers complaining how difficult is to level up on fiver! I just wanted to ask the community with a poll.
  7. In short, this is my last 10 months income summary, 🤑 I have been inactive for a long time after joining in 2020. Eventually I learned new skills and am now pretty good at it. that's it 😊
  8. In how many time you become level 2 seller from level 1 seller?
  9. Despite some unfair competition I managed to achieve this goal after my first 4 months of working on Fiverr platform 😎
  10. Fiverr demoted account to level 1 from level 2 for no reason. I recently earned Level 2 badge (10 days back). I created a gig yesterday. Today, in the morning I just changed the title. Before the title of my gig was "guest post on livemint at lowest price". I have edited the title as "sponsored post on livemint da 83, traffic 21million". As the website traffic of livemint.com is 21 Million and its Domain authority is 83. I don't understand what is wrong in this title and why did the denied my gig and demoted my account to level 1. I have been asking them about the issue. But none from Fiverr team is responding to my question. Is it wrong to mention website stats? Please answer.
  11. I have got 630 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews today!! It was a great journey and more to go. Fiver forum helped me a lot to get this achievement . Thank you all fiver senior sellers and community members who help me through out this journey. I would love to work for many years with amazing clients. Thanks all .
  12. Hello fellow sellers! I had a question and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. After a lot of hard work, I finally met all the requirements to be a Pro Level seller on Fiverr! I was super excited but then confused when my status didn't change after the monthly evaluation. After reaching out to Customer Support I was told that becoming a Pro Level seller isn't actually guaranteed and that it's a manual selection process. I wondered if maybe because it's a manual process that it takes extra time and maybe I'm just not approved yet? Or if there is something I need to adjust on my profile to meet the requirements. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!!
  13. Hey there! I have earned the required revenue for level two seller but my sales are short by seven. (actually 8 but one order is in the queue). My question is, is there a way I can get seven more sales before 15th February? I know the basics and have been following them, yet, would love to get the badge on this 15... Thanks
  14. It's been exactly a year in my Fiverr career and today I'm upgraded to level two yesterday. 🚩Tips for new sellers out there: If you are confident enough about your skill set, you will get there sooner or later hopefully. The takeoff to Fiverr freelancing is a slow process which takes time, be patient. It's more like a marathon so you have to think one day at a time. I never pushed myself for level 2, it came throughout the hard work I put up here. Always cared about the quality of my delivery, making sure the clients gets what they are paying for. Do not go after money, focus on building your portfolio. If you are thinking about earning only, chances are your expectations will keep dragging you down. On the other hand when you start loving the work you do, you'll be surprised by the rewards by the grace of Almighty! 🚩Bonus tips: Learn from this community and work hard till the day you get some returning buyers.
  15. Is there anyone who can help me know what am I missing here? From the analytics page my net earning shows I've earned $2011.99, but the earnings needed to achieve level 2 that progress bar is showing I've earned all time 1855.99 and need still 145$ more to hit 2000$ milestone [PICTURE ATTACHED]. As far as i know they count the whole net income not the earning after fiverrs 20% charge, what's wrong here? Anyone? thanks!
  16. I had moved from new seller to level 1 but due to some ratings, i was demoted to new seller but i had qualified for level 2 seller, now that my ratings are above the minimum, will i be promoted again to level 1 or to level 2, i finished 30 days as level 1
  17. Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great! I was wondering about this from quite a few days and couldn't get the answer from anywhere. So, here it is: Can we have a badge of level 2 seller and a top rated/ business/ any badge for buyer as well on the same account at the same time? For example, as I'm a level 2 seller at fiverr right now. Is there a chance I can have any badge of buyer at the same time if I buy a lot? If yes, what benefits would that give? Like more protection for the account etc? Looking forward to the response of all awesome people on this forum😊 Thanks in advance, Maria
  18. After a long time, I got an order of $100. I am so excited. 😊😊
  19. Alhamdulillah, I got level 2 today. I am so happy today. Also got 100 positive review. N.B. I am a professional photo editor. Like photos background remove, photo retouch, add product shadow, photo manipulation, photo crop/ resize, color change etc any type of editing. Please pray for me everyone. Regards Sabuzmia
  20. Congrats to the sellers who have been upgraded to the next levels. I had a small question to the sellers who have got level earlier months. I heard on the community that after getting the upgrade level most of the seller's gig lost the rank. And also, the matter of concern is that for the next 5 to 6 months their gigs couldn't be able to get back to the rank again. Is this true?
  21. I received a link from buyer (hacker) and that was malware which I didn't get at that time So I opened that in my laptop. And right after that hacker hacked my system and fiverr account and placed 4 orders from my balance. As this is unusual activity Fiverr immediately disabled my account temporarily and takes the access from me and cancelled all the order which hacker did to multiple seller I contact fivver and tell them full situation and they already knew that my account got compromised. So they asked me to verify my details like Payoneer I'd numbers. Last 4 orders amount and later they asked me to verify identity which I did, and my identity is verified NOW. I am able to login in my account but I am still getting account disabled notification. My question is is there anyone who experienced same in past and how much time Fiverr support takes to reactivate accounts like this? It's been 48 hours and Fiverr support didn't replied me so I am worried now about my gigs as they were ranked on 1st page so I don't want to lose my page ranking I will be very thankful if someone give me right answer?
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