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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone clarify what is the "Differences Between FIVERR Seller Plus and FIVERR Business"? Thanks in advanced
  2. What are the benefits and limitations in freelancing life via any platform? Im waiting for good discussion about money Handling, trust punctual response, ethics of both client and sellers
  3. Hey! I'm new to fiverr, I don't know if people find it fair or are cool about the platform getting the 20% of the income creators get from their clients. Don't get me wrong, I don't want fiverr to turn into a monthly payment site for you to work on, but maybe it could be interesting that whenever you level up as a seller you get extra benefits on this matter. Maybe turn it into a 10% by getting the last seller level? I don't know. Right now I feel like for me there isn't much of a point to grow my seller level. I do get a bunch of clicks, more than what I need right now. I don't need extra gigs, I'm a one trick pony of what I do. So what is the point for me? I guess it looks cool to have some recognition or having a badge, but yeah, that's all. Let me know what you think! I'm actually pretty interested on what is people opinion on this matter. I know this is easily fixed by inflating the price from my gigs, but I want to make it fair for my costumers as well. Sorry if this is something that has been talked about in the past over and over (I feel like it has, Idk). I appreciate you taking the time to read me mumbling about something I've not much of an idea. Happy new year!
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great! I was wondering about this from quite a few days and couldn't get the answer from anywhere. So, here it is: Can we have a badge of level 2 seller and a top rated/ business/ any badge for buyer as well on the same account at the same time? For example, as I'm a level 2 seller at fiverr right now. Is there a chance I can have any badge of buyer at the same time if I buy a lot? If yes, what benefits would that give? Like more protection for the account etc? Looking forward to the response of all awesome people on this forum😊 Thanks in advance, Maria
  5. Morning Guys!! Let me introduce, we are a UI UX Designer who focuses on making food and beverages design prototypes of mobile apps and websites, If you have a restaurant or e-commerce business specifically for food and beverages, we can really make apps or websites design. It's guaranteed that your business profits will immediately skyrocket because the designs we make are very focused on the FnB section. so, what are you waiting for? Come'on guys! let's order quickly to get the best design touch on every screens. Hi Friends, This is What will you receive in our gig : User Friendly Design (trendy, fresh, catchy). Interactive Prototype. Source file. All assets. Style guide (if you need). Up to 3 screens. High resolution screens in PNG or JPG.
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