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Gig's impression getting low and no clicks yet!


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Hey! I don't comment much and don't have much advice at the moment, but I did notice there was a typo in your IG/FB ads picture. It says "Reslts" instead of "Results". I also noticed that the gig cover photo is cut off. Try resizing (but I'm not sure what size it should be, I'm sorry!). I know Fiverr just sent out new guidelines for the first photo with dimensions. 

Good luck! 

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On 12/7/2021 at 3:30 PM, mubashshir07 said:

If you have any solution please feel free to suggest me,

A simple suggestion: as I can see you have a gig related to Email-Signature. If I was a buyer, I would love to see your example work before ordering your gig...
I guess it would be great touch if you add your own Email-Signature mockups as preview images, as we know fiverr allows you to add 3 images as gig image:)

on the other hand, please work on gig optimization and choose the best related keywords!

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