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  1. How often in a month can I take same exam if fail? Thanks @social_expro
  2. Hello, experts What if I fail any exam of Fiverr? Will it appear on my profile page to see for the buyers if I fail or get fewer marks? Thanks
  3. Dear Fiverr experts, I am a member of Fiverr since August 2020. I have 6 active gigs also but I can’t save/favorite anybody’s gig. If I want to do so, it says “Something went wrong”. I can’t find a solution. Can you please check my profile and gig, is there any problem or not? I need a solution. My profile-https://www.fiverr.com/kh_titas?up_rollout=true Thanks
  4. Editing something in the description is not a problem but edit Title is a problem. Now your gig will act like a new gig as far as I know.
  5. Generally a “Social Media Kit” includes a cover image and a profile image for social platform like Facebook or Twitter etc. Should maintain proper dimensions for those images.
  6. In how many months did you get your 1st order?
  7. Dear sellers, I am running my Fiverr account since August 2020, the problem is I can’t save any body’s gig. If I want to save someone’s gig, it says something went wrong. Can anyone tell me the problem? My profile link is-https://www.fiverr.com/kh_titas?up_rollout=true Thanks
  8. Congrats, I am still trying to get 1st order
  9. Nice tips, I must follow this because i am also a new seller Thanks
  10. Hello Fiverr community forum members This is kh_titas, I am a new guy on the Fiverr forum and happy to be a member here. Hopefull to have fun and pass an interesting time with you forever. I have been a member of Fiverr since August 2020 and created 6 gigs successfully. I work on Logo Design, Stationery Design, Corporate Branding, CV/Resume Design, Social Media Kit, etc with 6 years of expertise. Ambitious to build a successful career here. Thanks to all
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