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Why my avg. response time have been up to 5 days (116 hours)?



Hi Fiver Community, 

I wonder that why my avg. response time have been increase up to 5 days (116 hours). I don't know if I do something bad or not. But before my recent delivery, the avg. response time always is 1 hour.

Whenever have a conversation with customers, I sure that I reply them as soon as possible and just in 1 hour.

I don't know why it become like this. And what can I do to fix this mistakes? I try something but it not work.

Thank you so much!


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Your statistics for reply rates etc ONLY count the last 60 days.

If you missed 3 messages 59 days ago, then didn’t miss ANY, on day 61 your response rate will go up because those old missing responses aren’t counting anymore (even if you aren’t getting any new messages to respond to).

If you reply to 10 messages every day for a week 59 days ago, then missed a message a week later and didn’t get any new messages, your response rate will go down every day because those old messages you did reply to are no longer being counted, so ever day that passes the percentage of messages you responded to in the last 60 days will be going down.

So basically, your score is lowering because your successful replies have past the 60 day mark and aren’t boosting your score anymore, so having missed ANY messages in that last 60 day period will make your score go down until the number of messages you ARE responding to matches the rate at which they’re not being counted.

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