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Running into a large amount of fraud sellers in the EDM Music category.


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Hi Folks, so I've been on Fiverr for over a year now. It has come to my attention that in the EDM music category, if I hire a freelancer to do some work for me, I've run into a few that have and will try to sell me previously done work (stuff that they have done for other clients). I found this out when one day I decided to use Shazam, and a song that was already copyrighted popped up, and guess what...it was the exact same song as what the seller was trying to give me, despite me asking for something new and original. Within the month alone, I've run into a whopping scam sellers. These gig run anywhere from $30 to $150.  I find myself becoming distrustful, as I expect their work to be original in exchange for the money. Are they becoming lazy? Also yes, I know there are 'Fiverr Choice' sellers out there, but a lot of them run $300+ per song, which is out of my budget. We can't all afford those rates, but if I could I'd be using them preferably. Selling others peoples work could cause lawsuits and copyright infringement issues. Also, I don't think it's right to sell me another clients work, I think that's a breach of the TOS. I would be horrified if sellers were selling my stuff, so I'm sure others would be to fond of that happening to their own stuff. So, I ask you other buyers out there, if this is something you've run into frequently no matter what your ordering? I just want to know how common this is, especially within the music category. 🙁

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