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I'm getting frustrated on Fiverr


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3 hours ago, bayzid5671 said:

Can anyone tell me why I can't get a Fiverr job?

I am active and send ten buyer requests a day but I still can't find a job.

Perhaps you are not connecting to your target customers. YOU are the only person who can "get a Fiverr job". If your target customers don't think you can help them with their project needs, they aren't going to hire you. It is not Fiverr's job to make sure you have orders.

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I agree with @jonbaas

Additionally I would like to add, you got your first sales from a person who is providing same service and have only 3 reviews.

In default screening it seems like that you make you followed paid reviews which is a violation. And remember this violation can causes both of your account suspension permanently.

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