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  1. Why are you so shocked about this question? It's simple analytics.
  2. You're right, too many variables involved to trivialise a specific CTR as good or bad.
  3. make sure you really understand the client's requirements make sure to send your offer ONLY if you are truly interested in it and you know that you can deliver what they're asking for make sure delivery time, fee and scope are in line with the buyer request don't copy-paste the same offer over and over again (let them know that you're a real person and not an autoresponder) be proactive: let the client know how you're gonna help them, tell them your ideas/suggestions for that particular project, etc
  4. Why seven? You should create Gigs based on your skills and area of expertise, not to spam the search listings with weak services.
  5. My experience was pretty good so far. I earned roughly 20 times what I spent. So, if you can, give it a try.
  6. Hey guys, have you ever wondered what a good clicks/impressions ratio could be? Mine is roughly 2% and I'm not sure if it's good or not. This ratio is important because it shows you how well your Gig performs in search listings: the lower this ratio, the less attractive your Gig preview (thumbnail/title/pricing) is. What is your clicks/impressions ratio?
  7. Creating a new Gig and improving an existing one are not related. Also, creating two Gigs that are too similar is discouraged. Your focus should be on improving the Gig that is not going well. You can read a lot of good tips on this forum and you can also check Fiverr online courses to learn from the pros.
  8. Not all conversations lead to an order. Sometimes clients need some time to think about it, other times they choose a different provider and most of the time the conversation wasn't satisfying enough for them. Being polite and professional is not enough: we, as professionals, need to truly understand the client's needs and avoid any confusing jargon or copy-paste answers that may turn the client off.
  9. You should probably check some Fiverr online courses. They often offer discounts and the overall quality it's pretty good.
  10. 155 days late??? Anyway, from 1st to 3rd page doesn't seem to much of a jump, you'd probably be able to recover pretty soon.
  11. The order completion ratio is based on a 60 days period (actually the last 60 days). As days go by, the number of orders to use in the calculation decrease and that's why the ratio decreases too.
  12. I'm sure about that, but being polite it's not enough. I was talking more about the content of your conversation. Often clients don't know exactly what they're looking for or they have nebulous ideas and you have to kind of anticipate their questions with clear and reassuring answers. Also, don't forget that some clients need a little "push" to take action and place the order (of course I don't mean spamming them, just a call to action)
  13. If you say that potential customer contact you and engage in a conversation with you it probably means that the problem is not your Gig description or pricing. Something goes wrong during the conversation. Are you sure you address their specific needs and requirements?
  14. Be patient and they'll eventually show up. It happens to me sometimes and what works for me is just reloading that page every 20-30 minutes.
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