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Issue with Buyer


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The amount buyer paid you is returned to him.

And yes cancellation affect on completion rate. It will affect your for 60 days from cancellation.


Completion rate calculates the % of completed order from total orders for a course of 60 days.

So you can say.   (completed orders/Total orders) X 100 = % of completion rate. (for 60 days)

If something happen in future where buyers can't give enough information or buyer placed order accidentally, then simply create a ticket from resolution center or manually from help and support page by explaining everything and ask favor to cancel the order from support team side without affecting your completion rate and metrics.

If you're not responsible for anything, then support will happily do that for you.

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8 hours ago, jhallawalla said:

Yes it will.

Any order that is cancelled will cause damage to your cancellation rate for 2 months. 

In worst case scenario, If a buyer ordered something you don't provide and later wants cancellation, It's gonna hurt your stats. 

No other way...

What problems do I have to face for this

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