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Confusing Situation


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I currently have an order with someone who I had begin doing a whole sheet worth of animations for when they told me to recreate the character after they say it looked fine, which I did. I gave them a sample of what I was creating when they told me it looked great, I created the whole animation sheet as one would. After I finish the whole order, they ask me to recreate the whole order because they didn't like how the character style looked even though they approved it. I'm not sure on what to do. Can anybody give me some tips?

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15 minutes ago, re_skiptrace said:


Wait? Wait for what? Wait for a client to get mad that they didn’t get any response?


18 hours ago, blossomstea said:

I'm not sure on what to do

To send them an offer for the extra $. 
you can tell them that they approved the direction for the animation and creating a new character will be a new job m, not a revision and therefore it will cost x$ for a new character and set of animations 

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