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  1. really very sad news for you. But it is a learning point for the new seller.
  2. You are right. But you can provide any previous work as a sample. Thanks
  3. Really I have got a lot information for me from here. Thanks all
  4. Please contact to customar support team of fiverr.
  5. Please note that, active on 7 gig with separate category with eye-catching image also SEO trag.
  6. Congratulation for your great achievement.
  7. Gig rank and drank is a algerithm matter. But I thick that when anybody published a gig also get much impression, click and others everyday. In this situasion, please you do not try to add anything new for better. Yes, you should be add new thing ( Gig new image/ Video/ revise tag also others ) when you see your gig impression, click is going to near ziro. Thanks
  8. Soial- breeze: Right. Your opinion is 100% correct. But if anybody continue Gig marketing on LinkedIn, so I thick that it is better for gig marketing. Thanks
  9. This small quantity tips might be incurange you for more attention on fiverr work. Thank you
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