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  2. Hello I hope this message finds you all well. I am writing to address an urgent matter regarding my Fiverr account. I need your advice and I want to know that what did I do wrong. I thought fiver new update is coming or it will be fixed after two one month still not fixed so my suggestion to you guys help me Recently, after update I saw this message on my profile : "Your account has been flagged for a severe violation of Fiverr policies. As a result, you are not able to participate in the level system". After that when I contacted customer support, I got to know that it is either because of Location Inconsistency or Violation of Fiverr Terms and Services. I would like to clarify that it was a misunderstanding and I had not violated any Fiverr terms and services. You can check out my chat with the client. I tried to give him best customer experience as he was my very first client. That's why I offered that client to show him the work first and then deliver him the task. I am also attaching the screenshots of my complete chat with the buyer and the buyer's review which was good and the buyer was very happy with my customer service. Moreover, about the location inconsistency issue, I want to clarify more that I use my Fiverr account on two devices, one on my laptop and the other device is my mobile. So when I am not active on my laptop then I am active on my Fiverr mobile app and as you know sometimes people travel into other cities and IP automatically change during travelling. I genuinely apologize for any confusion. If someone from Fiverr Customer Team can please check this matter, I will always be very grateful. I have worked really hard on my account and have tried very hard to maintain 5 star rating on my account and I do my work with honesty and integrity and take my work seriously. I want to continue providing my services on Fiverr and maintain the positive reputation which I have built so far yet. So please un-flag my account because I have never violated any Fiverr terms and services as it will destroy my profile. I am willing to provide any needed information to resolve this issue. I request you that kindly check this matter again and take immediate and effective action as it seems to be a system fault; it is a significant issue that needs addressing. Thank you for your time and assistance.
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