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Create gig packages with milestones

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I'd love to see the option to set up gig packages with milestones.

To give an example, I've recently set up a gig to ghost produce (write a song for the buyer). I've been doing this for years before I came to Fiverr, although mostly for people I know, or a friend of a friend. I've always been reluctant to add this as a gig, because a lot of time and effort goes into this, and if the buyer doesn't like what you create (music is subjective after all) and requests to cancel, you can be left with anywhere from several hours to a couple of days completely wasted. 

Being able to create a package with milestones would solve this problem. The order could be split into a few parts, and at each stage the buyer could either approve and the seller would lock in some of the fee, or revisions could be requested (for those who haven't used milestones yet). This would work perfectly for both buyer and seller and no ones time would be wasted, or very little time if the buyer decided to cancel early on.

I know I can create a gig with milestones for a buyer who comes to me to discuss the order first, but some buyers just like to place the order without any communication.

I hope this can be considered for a future update. It seems like a win win for both buyer and seller.

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First and foremost I just want to say that, even though the feature is new, I love the fact that we can now add milestones directly onto the gig page. I've been wanting this feature for a while, and it'll help me quite a bit. However, I do have some suggestions to make it even better.

-Number one, I'd love to be able to add gig extras as optional, paid substeps. Specifically outlines, since not every client wants/needs one, but I like the milestone format to create them. I'd also like to be able to price these differently, as I don't price a 10k word outline the same as a 30k word one.

-Secondly, I'd like to be able to put word counts onto the "writing" substeps, as my milestones are set up based on word count (one milestone per 10k words). It would benefit myself and my clients if they knew exactly how many words would come with each milestone.

I would greatly appreciate it if my ideas are taken into consideration.

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