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So I mentioned this is another post just yesterday, but even though I used to report fake translators all the time, once I started to realize that CS was not willing to take the time to check those sellers anymore, I gave up and stopped reporting them, even though I knew they are still stealing from people.

This morning I was asked to proofread a translation, and you guessed it, it was pretty bad. I told the buyer you might want to report this guy, but his reply was "I don't want to report him, he might be using Fiverr to support his family and I don't want to ruin his business...BTW his name is blah-blah."

.................................................Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, OK. First of all, if you're lying to people, that ain't a business, it's called scam.
Secondly, I checked the seller just for the heck of it, and wow, surprise surprise, it's one of the several sellers I tried reporting many times in the past.
Yup, he's still there. Can't tell if he's simply a Google fraud or a guy who "did study Japanese a bit and can read/write to a certain point but is clearly not qualified to offer translations but he's not aware of that and he thinks he's actually skilled" type of guy. The translation is pretty bad, that's for sure.

I don't think I'll report him though, I get the feeling CS will do nothing. Sigh.

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