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Gig ranks drop down, got a penalty from Fiverr.



Hey, I have been facing a penalty from Fiverr for like 2 months now. It had been rough for me. Before that I was among the top sellers one level 2. That all happens because I cancelled 2 orders and also my response rate stat dropped and I stayed offline for a week because I was on travelling. I have tried many things, but not getting orders or any clicks on my gigs. I lost my level previous month and now again I am going to loss my level and will be a new seller on this new evaluation. 

Any suggestions? That can help me out to get my gigs ranked? 

Anyone have any idea is this only about my gig or my profile? 

And also does new seller differs from other levels like level one or two sellers in case of ranking? 

Will be thankful to know something new that can add up to my knowledge. 🙂

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I've been through this a number of times... honestly, time is the best healer. Most things that impact your listing are temporary and will subside after around 60 days (or less if you happen to get an order in the meantime, for example from a repeat customer). All I can suggest is taking some time to refine your listing, maybe add better photos or video, work on the description etc. Make sure you keep an eye on your inbox and respond very punctually. Eventually Fiverr will forgive your indiscretions and you'll start getting business again.

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