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I want to know how more orders can come? Please suggest me!


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46 minutes ago, aminul_wp said:

how more orders can come?

Orders are not coming. It is clients who are choosing to buy or not your service. If you attract clients then they will be placing orders. If you don’t attract them and your gig is not interesting enough then of course people wouldn’t be placing orders 

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Hello @aminul_wp

Although you're going to read many bulleted lists stating tips and tricks you should be aware that they are mostly false or misleading.
For istance, is a well-known fact that staying online 24 hrs is not going to give you orders.

Here's a couple of interesting threads but there are tons of them on this Forum. Take your time to browse it and acquire knowledge.



Also, follow users' mariashtelle1 & lloydsolutions advice. They gave you the best answers.

Good luck!

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