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Next Big Thing , Top Rated Seller!


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Hello 🙂

I am a Fiverr for over 3 Moths now (Yuppiii!!) and i have created over a 100+ Orders with 99% Customer Satisfaction. and the Best Part abut my gigs is that they All are Express (Delivered with in 24 hours) Gigs ! 🙂 My average Response time is 1 Hour !

Today I am here to Share my Story 🙂 I joined on Fiver About 3 months ago as I loves consuming my time on the internet. Facebook , Youtube , Technology Sites, Music sites, Freelancing were my the Places where Usually went to.

One Day , I just came across fiver and i liked the way they were Offering Services for just 5$ and the Buyer actually comes to the seller not the Seller going to different buyers begging its services (like other freelancing sites). So i joined it , and The “Levels” on Fiver made me more ambitious towards my work !.

So i Created #MyFirstGig !, I was like “Ok lets see how it goes”, And it didn’t go well… I wanted for a few days for some orders but nothing… I was depressed. Nut After like a Week after i joined fiver (i don’t remember exact days) There came the moment of joy !, #MyFirstFiverrOrder ! I was happy that I got my first order.

I cant tell you what my first gig was because its embarrassed 😛

That didn’t got well either. And i got my first Negative Mark ! 😛 (Thats why i have 99% rating) Completely my mistake and I have learned from it.

But That Got me to A point , I was determined after that and knew what i had to do , s created more gigs , and the gigs what i loved to do ! (creating Graphics) so I created this FLAT Icon gig (You can find it on http://www.fiverr.com/foxsquare) and then again after a few (much few this time) I started getting orders , and orders that I not deliver Fast but High quality and deliveries that my Customers LOVED. They kept appreciating my work and the smile on my face kept increasing.

After One month I joined fiver I had 10 Orders done already ! (you need 30 days to get on level 1) and I did it on the 30th day ! so I became Level one seller in the Least time that any one can be. I was so Happy and the Freelancer in me boosted.

Then What ? More and More Orders , I Created Over 50 Orders Next month ! And I was Promoted to Level 2 Seller

Again on the least time anyone can be (You need to deliver 50 Orders with in 2 months to become Lever 2 Seller) and i did it in 60 Days since i joined fiver ! 🙂

I am Very happy and I created more then 50 orders this moths too (thats not all , They include Multiple orders and the very famous Gig Extras) and I have maintained my Express Seller Status for ALL my gigs and 1 Hour ! Response time .

Now I come To fiverr more then any site, And I am more Determined then ever for what is next.

My message to the Readers:

"Dont Give up on your Dreams. There will be a time when you will be Depressed , when you will find yourself lost, Dont Let any of them stop you for achieving what you are aiming for. Get your self up and dust your self off and Win this world"

Cant wait to be come the TOP RATED SELLER, The Next Big thing.

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