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Can you please review my gig?? Why do not I get an order?


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  • Unlimited Revisions on your landing page.
  • No harassment in Communication.

Offering unlimited revisions will probably burn you out, limit your revisions. I don't think it's a good idea to mention about no harassment in communication, it should be a given that you will not be harassing during communication.

Also Fiverr has a lot of sellers who offer something like yours, you may have experience but a lot of other good sellers as well are competing with you to get an order. You can try making good offers in the buyer requests section as I know a lot of new sellers get their gigs going from there.

Do consider looking into multiple sources of income, Fiverr is not an easy place to make money in especially in certain categories and ever since a lot of sellers have started on the platform during the pandemic. 

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And I’ll comment on your images 😉 


the first image definitely wouldn’t attract me as a buyer. I don’t care for big letter that say landing page, what clients care about is the design and from the first image that is shown to them in the search they wouldn’t be able to see it. 
you have examples of your website in your presentations and that’s great, however keep in mind that if your clients are acceding your gigs from the app then they wouldn’t see your presentations and therefore will leave because they wouldn’t have any clue of your style and what you can design. 

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