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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this.
  2. Depends on your gig and the services you are providing. Wish you a good luck. 😊
  3. That's great. Keep it Up and Congratulations ❣️
  4. Haha🤣 Most Weird bug of Fiverr.
  5. Congratulations and best of luck.😍
  6. Hope you will get success soon. Best wishes
  7. Keep patience. You can do marketing your gigs on your social media. I hope your gig will rank again very soon. Best Wishes.
  8. Congratulations and Best wishes for you dear.
  9. This does not make any sense to do it . I think you did right. You can ask him to order again or pay you for the redesigning stuffs.
  10. Check on your earning section on Fiverr. If you find any issue there then Contact with Fiverr CS
  11. Congratulations and Best wishes for you. Give your best to satisfy the clients every time.
  12. Very much confusing situation.
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