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How to improve my gig


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 7 Tips to improve your gigs

  • Choose the Right Title for Your Gig
  • Use an Eye-Catching Image for Your Gig
  • Choose Your Gig Metadata Carefully
  • Optimize Your Gig Search Tags
  • Make the Most of Packages
  • Create a Compelling Description
  • Make the Most of Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum!

You can follow under below:

  1. USE 3 Gig image, 2 PDF’s & offline image SEO.

  2. Use 5 SEARCH TAGS in your gig (SEARCH TAGS helpful for RANK your Gig)

  3. Per day Send 10 buyer requests properly.

  4. Active ONLINE more time.

  5. SHARE your gigs on social sites.

  6. Visit FIVERR related group & follow others freelancer

  7. Develop your SKILL in your category

  8. Learn more about Fiverr.

  9. Take a free Fiverr course.

I hope you got a lot of orders in the fiverr. Good luck for you

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On 7/3/2021 at 1:17 PM, md_monty said:

what is the best material of buyer request??

The most effective seller response to a buyer request, is a personally-written offer that proves your ability to complete the buyer's project, and shows that you understand what they need. Please keep in mind, though, you are not guaranteed of getting that order, just because you send a seller response. You are competing against dozens of other sellers that also want to win that job. To earn the gig, you need to be the best seller for the job.

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In order to prepare effective and competitive offer to buyer request, we should put emphasis on the following some important points.

  • Studying of the requirements of buyer project thoroughly.
  • Developing of project offer that satisfies the conditions and expectations of buyer perfectly.
  • Demonstrating of confidence and professionalism in BR offer.
  • Assurance of high service quality and service guarantee in the offer.
  • Honesty and cooperative approach to the buyer.

Wish your brilliant success in fiverr. 

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