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  1. active all time and send buyer request
  2. i know,it is valuable for any new seller. of course, i have experience but my account is new.thank you
  3. 5 important tips for new freelancers :- 1. Work according to plan: Schedule work hours before starting any work. Many times freelancers struggle to finish work on time with several tasks at once. So divide your tasks according to how long it takes to complete a task. Make it a point to get things done within the allotted time. 2. Be as sincere with clients as possible When it comes to doing a new job, first learn all about the job. Use your creativity. Let the client know if you have any creative ideas about the project. Many freelancers do not take this issue seriously but it will create a positive impression of the client about you which will increase the chances of getting more work from that client. Express sincerity when communicating with the client. 3. Increase your communication network: Freelancing is compared to business. So maintaining communication is a very important issue. Keeping in touch with your older clients will increase your chances of getting a job again. Try to be sincere with all clients. As well as keep in touch with everyone in social life. 4. Introduce yourself: No matter how freelancing you are, the more popular you are online, the more likely you are to succeed in freelancing. So try to make it popular by creating a professional website or blog along with your work. Communicate your skills to others through blogs. Try to help others by opening a discussion blog about your workplace. 5. Try to work safely Before starting work on a new client, make sure about the client as much as possible. Check if he has paid for his previous work properly, how is the feedback, etc. Find out all the details about the job from the client before starting work.
  4. it is very helpful for new freelancer. thank you
  5. hi everyone, how are you? I am a new seller on fiver. I Created a gigs on fiver. Getting some impressions daily but couldn't get an order. Can someone please tell me if there is anything wrong with my gig? How do I improve it to get more attention in buyer? Please check my gig and give me tips and suggestions. thank you.
  6. always active and send buyer request
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