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Hi I know most Requests get 50-100+ offers on them when posted. I understand this creates harder competeion and makes it less likely for people to reply to you. I'm trying to reach 10 commissions to get my first review in the hopes it'll make it easier to get work. I started working on my fiver account Jan 2020.

Will it even make it easier to get work once I have a review?

Is the fiverr market too saturated with sellers? 

If I'm struggling to get orders how are new sellers doing? 

Why is the fiverr market place full of people trying to scam you? Out of the 7 orders I've done I've had one person try and tell me they'll only be paying half of the agreed price once the work was complete. (I had to try an contact fivver to ammend this and sort this out)  I've also had people message me and ask to plagrise others work and had people ask me to do things for free.

Out of my 7 orders

Only 4 of my 7 orders came from anwsering requests. The rest was a repeated buyer and a friend.

Should I open more gigs in the hopes I might fit in a more needed work area?

I'm really unsure on how to continue with fiverr. I anwser to requests every day I can and try and personalise each request yet it seems that I'm wasting time when I get no responseses  or work from doing this weeks on end. I've even tried to under cutting my pricing. I don't know how to move forward or make it worth while to continue on fiverr does anyone have any suggestions. 

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Buyer Requests is a tough place to gain much of a foundation for a freelance career.

It took me a year to get my first order on Fiverr (I've been here five years now).

Fiverr still only brings me about 30% of my monthly income.

I don't use BRs at all.

However, I do get business from other sources and have been freelancing full-time since 2016.

Reviews may help, but what you are dealing with is the influx of newbies that flooded the platform during COVID.

I think EVERYONE here has seen a change in volume of business as a result.

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First, I also, face some scam messages in my newbie days, But now, Actually not, I think many scam messages are going to newbie sellers, 

So, I think we can't stop it 100%, but we can reduce scam messages, 

Second, Yeah, you can check how you lucky sending buyer requests, Haha 😄 It is really hard, because we need to send quick buyer request to buyers, Not using copy paste same, You can create buyer request template and you can change specific areas,

Don't worry, Keep trying your 10 buyer request every time, 

You can easily get professional buyers creating your profile nicely, I mean in your free time, you can build your own portfolio telling about your works,

Also, You can optimize your gig, Adding video to gig, adding pdf document, So, Use them,

I made topic about buyer request, Also, You can check it too,, 






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