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  1. First, I also, face some scam messages in my newbie days, But now, Actually not, I think many scam messages are going to newbie sellers, So, I think we can't stop it 100%, but we can reduce scam messages, Second, Yeah, you can check how you lucky sending buyer requests, Haha 😄 It is really hard, because we need to send quick buyer request to buyers, Not using copy paste same, You can create buyer request template and you can change specific areas, Don't worry, Keep trying your 10 buyer request every time, You can easily get professional buyers creating your profile nicely, I mean in your free time, you can build your own portfolio telling about your works, Also, You can optimize your gig, Adding video to gig, adding pdf document, So, Use them, I made topic about buyer request, Also, You can check it too,,
  2. You can make a support ticker from here>> https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new Hope this will help for you, You can make a ticket and wait for answer. They will reply you soon
  3. Yeah, You can add gig video, But be creative and add your style video. Show your portfolio in your gig video and try to make it 30-45 seconds , You can create a video up to 60 seconds. Your choice. I think you can get more impressions and clicks after adding attractive gig video.
  4. I think already you got email about why fiverr disable your account. they always give us(email send) a reason for that. So, check your emails
  5. I think at this time we can’t help. Only you can check why they ban you(checking emails) and make a ticket and prove your honesty with fiverr rules. And here you duplicate topic. Don’t do it again, 😀
  6. They give you a reason why they ban your profile. 😀
  7. Did you check they are active? And make sure what keywords are add to your gig. and wait 3 days. keep checking buyer requests daily. Buyer requests are not showing every time. So, Keep checking it. Hope you can find buyer requests soon.
  8. Hello @kawsar_chowdury, Welcome to Fiverr and this forum. yep. keep active in the forum.
  9. Welcome Ahmed to fiverr, I hope you can success in here. Because you choose good path. Create attractive gig with matching keywords. Send buyer request daily. Check this link too>>
  10. Try to search your gig using filters. I hope you can find your gig. Add matching keywords. Hope this will help you, Check this article. 👍 https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011028318-Managing-your-Gigs
  11. No, there is no time limit. You can hold your money in your Fiverr account and after earn more money and transfer to your Payoneer account or PayPal. 😀
  12. No. You can’t use behance links. I use flicker link to share my portfolio. It is images site. I also see that URL’s before. There are shows youtube links acceptable. But i am not sure about that. Because, anyone can contact sellers outside in fiverr if we share youtube links. So, fiverr not allowed to contact with buyers and sellers outside of Fiverr.
  13. No problem, you can use both in same time. Also, I do that.
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