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  1. If you wish to doing social media promotions (using Paid ads). I think using fiverr promoted gig option will more helpful and more valuable. Here More information about FIverr promoting Gig
  2. Welcome to Fiverr. Also, I appreciate your effort to use the Fiverr forum. I hope you can learn more from this Fiverr forum. all the best.
  3. If you use FIverr logo maker for that you can do it using fiverr logo maker editing tools. But if you hire seller for create that. you can request for edit that logo. The seller will happily do it,
  4. I don't know why all replies encourage to use multiple fiverr accounts. First, I need to mention is if those two accounts are from yours. You are definitely against Fiverr TOS. You doing the wrong thing. I am not sure why you handle two accounts. But there are certain situations for making more accounts. But One user can handle one account. But if your family member also working on Fiverr. You can notify to Fiverr team and get special permission for use. (But you need to give clear information those accounts use two users.) But definitely, if you and your family member use the same wifi it will be trouble. (Personally, I am not giving even hotspots to my friends who use the Fiverr app. they too.) Again, As you mention, I think you use two Fiverr accounts, the same user. That is breaking Fiverr TOS and if it detects by the Fiverr team. Both accounts will be deleted and maybe you can not create accounts anymore. So, I suggest reading Fiverr TOS here>> https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  5. Yeah. I get my first sales using buyer requests. I think it will be a little difficult to get the first sale. But finding a seller from the buyer's side will be really easy. 200+ without checking buyer requests. You know sometimes buyers get 200+ template buyer requests. Sometimes first-time buyers will be referred to experienced sellers. But if you can SEO your gigs and create a professional profile, I think it will definitely be easier to get sales. all the best.
  6. I get my first sales using buyer requests. 😊 I think it will be a little difficult to get the first sale. But buyer's side it will really easy to find a seller. without checking 200+ buyer requests. Maybe first buyers will be directed to experienced sellers. But if you can SEO your gigs and create a professional profile definitely I think it will be easy to get sales. All the best.
  7. @saidur77 @sadekmiah30 @max3dmodel @asifkhan328 @shimul8693 Great. Thank you for sharing your experience. 😁😊
  8. Hello, I am level 01 small seller and i am not sure why fiverr takes 14 days for clearance the earning. But I think level two sellers can get payout 7 days. Fiverr keep changing and add new features but still not change that. I mean if we can giving extra small fee and get payout soon. It will be good. I know there is early payout option available for some sellers. But if fiverr can giving that option to others as well it will be good. Also I work some another sites as well (I am not going to mention them. 😇). And they complete the payout after completing the order or transferring files to buyers and completion order. (But they have updated policies, They use strict verification policies for creating sales accounts too. It not bad. It good.) 😊 But i know some times it's good option who try to cheat on these platforms. But if fiverr can update their policies and giving option to maximum 7 day waiting it will really nice. Fiverr can investigate seller accounts for that. Sellers are always need to get responsibility if buyer request refund or if there any issues. Personally, I giving option on my side to my buyers they can take modification requests 7 days FREE. it means after completing order if they need to do any modification they can let me know and i am happily doing it. (But it happen only few times, most of time they request all modifications through completing period) 🙂 (I know it can't do for every sellers. But I share my experience 😊) So, I believe seller need to take responsibility to if there any issues. But waiting 14-16 days is not fair in 2022. 😊 Again I don't know what they do for 14 days. And May be they clearance those payments manually. So, Are you happy with a 14-day clearance? But I am Not. 😁 Thanks.
  9. We appreciate your sharing these points with other buyers and sellers. Also, about appearing to explain these issues. The situation is so dire that politicians cannot be trusted. I believe there is no rocket science for solve these issues very soon. Definitely, we need to sacrifice. You are correct there are many freelancers from Srilanka who are stuck. Because of power cuts and other you mentioned issues. People who are looking for dollars are working on a plan at the moment but it is really sad when you think about how much other poor people are suffering.😢 We hope to have some relief soon. Again I appreciate you for explaining these.
  10. I check it. There is option to More Payment Options. But it is not in your screenshot. Clear your browser cache and try again. If it not work change browser(chrome is best). I hope it will work.
  11. No, I think you can pay using credit card. I think this article will help your issue. https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/article/paying-for-services
  12. welcome bro 👍 And you @sagehaventarot
  13. Are you doing a reading gig? So, You can create your own simple video. There are many video editing software. So, You can use that software and create your video. Also, I saw some reading gigs. They use their phone camera and shoot video and they upload it without any editing. However, they getting orders. Clients don’t judge your video. They judge your reading ability Thank you. 😀
  14. In your gig, If you add a gig video its look more attractive. However, I don’t think it is more Impact on your orders. Because clients always search for works. Creative work. Not videos. But in present many users like to view small videos. They don’t like reading. So, If you can give your idea to clients using videos. that will get many views and click. you can rank your gig fast. Also, I use typography video to my 1st gig. But I did not get more orders. So, I understand they want more creative works. not video creativity. But your gig is something like video editing that video must creative and good video. 😀
  15. I think if you are only use fiverr forum does not show online in fiverr. However, you open both sites(forum and fiverr) that will show you are online
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