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  1. I found out I got charged 30.43% today. I did work for 230 and 70 of that was just taken. If 20% wasn't already steep enough. I'm literally so distort over this like 20% is already alot but I can't be spending days on work to get 30% cut from it.
  2. For over a month now there has been weird things happening with the fiverr request page, but today was indeed the wackiest. I went on fiveer to see this many active requests looking through them there are some i have applied to that was over a month ago, the request date goes all the way back to and the top request is today, . Why is the fiverr request page so broken as of the last month and why is it reshowing a month old request, I'm sure this is not only bad for us seller but for buyers too who have been recieveing 200+ offers on month old requests. Does anyonne have an idea why the fiver request page has these issues?
  3. This seems to be happening alot lately where some requests are posted for days, saw 2 requests stay for 3 days and it had over 600 offers. today I checked again to have 39 requests (back log of requests? most I've seen before this was 18 at busiest times of the day) which have been up for 4 hours now. they use to change every hour but seems there is a problem on fiverr's end. Every so often 5 new requests show up and then are gone in the next hour but the 39 remain, It makes me feel sad for buyer's who are getting 100s of requests. Also makes it less likely for sellers to get gigs becuase of the amount to choose from and everyone is applying to the same jobs due to them being the only ones available for hours/days on end.
  4. Hi I know most Requests get 50-100+ offers on them when posted. I understand this creates harder competeion and makes it less likely for people to reply to you. I'm trying to reach 10 commissions to get my first review in the hopes it'll make it easier to get work. I started working on my fiver account Jan 2020. Will it even make it easier to get work once I have a review? Is the fiverr market too saturated with sellers? If I'm struggling to get orders how are new sellers doing? Why is the fiverr market place full of people trying to scam you? Out of the 7 orders I've done I've had one person try and tell me they'll only be paying half of the agreed price once the work was complete. (I had to try an contact fivver to ammend this and sort this out) I've also had people message me and ask to plagrise others work and had people ask me to do things for free. Out of my 7 orders Only 4 of my 7 orders came from anwsering requests. The rest was a repeated buyer and a friend. Should I open more gigs in the hopes I might fit in a more needed work area? I'm really unsure on how to continue with fiverr. I anwser to requests every day I can and try and personalise each request yet it seems that I'm wasting time when I get no responseses or work from doing this weeks on end. I've even tried to under cutting my pricing. I don't know how to move forward or make it worth while to continue on fiverr does anyone have any suggestions.
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