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How to get image attach with buyer review?



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Firstly Why do you want to ask for a tip ?

You are already getting paid for the work you do and you are the one who set the reasonable price for your work and you !

You should not ask for the TIP… !

Buyer would leave tip if they want to !


It’s up to the buyer whether or not they are happy with an image being displayed with their review. There’s a button they can use to turn off that display.


Not to worry - you still got the review, so the image doesn’t really matter. I have lots of reviews with no image.

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On 6/29/2021 at 9:25 PM, lloydsolutions said:

If you selected LIVE PORTFOLIO, the buyer will have the option to display or remove your delivered work.

I didn't see this option anywhere in my profile. Please tell me how can i get this option?

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