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How can I improve my Gig??


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You can improve your Gig by looking at other best sellers in your category and researching more keywords to see how buyers search for them. Use those keywords in your title, description, and beautiful images with little content. Simply ask yourself why a customer chose you among thousands of other GIGs, and you'll see why you need to make your gig unique, as well as give more for after-sales care.

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 To improve your gig with elements proficient:

1. Create a meaningful simple title which describes your service with the few words.

2. Use keywords in tags, gig title SEO, and gig description.

3. Write an unique description with clear words. Simply describe your service so that buyer could get easily.

4. Use appealing images as GIG thumbnail.

5. Add additional gigs if you serve the slightly similar category services (e.g. In my minimalist logo gig I added additional retro/vintage logo gig because sometimes I design retro/vintage logo).

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