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  1. Good work is always appreciated by a good customer, and I try to perform handwork for this. Yes, when I get tips, it motivates me, and money doesn't matter; what counts is that my handwork is appreciated.
  2. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions, and I've been in touch with support, who have given me sound guidance. I'm canceling the order, and I'm aware that this will have a short-term impact on my account, but it will stabilize in a few months because I work on a regular basis.
  3. I am facing a problem with a direct-placed order from a client. When he places the order, he meets my requirements, so I begin the order with a basic conversation, and when I ask him to give me all the papers to begin the work, the client does not respond, and my time goes on. I also attempted to resolve the day limit, but the client was unavailable. I am a little bit worried about the late delivery.
  4. Thanks for your nice content. I would like to add one more thing that I have maintained in order to develop a healthy client-freelancer relationship: speak the truth with the client if you made a mistake. Clients can realize that you are a human being, so you just take the time to remedy the mistake.
  5. No, I don't think it's a good idea to share other market place issues here and fiverr will accept it.
  6. I believe it would be useful for you to read the rules and regulations. When a buyer is unsure how to place an order, they will ask to message you or reveal their personal information, but you will make the right decision of respectfully stating that fiverr is the greatest place to go and that this is the only method to interact. Because it's your shop, it's your responsibility to keep it safe.
  7. Congratulations, and I'd like to learn more.
  8. You can improve your Gig by looking at other best sellers in your category and researching more keywords to see how buyers search for them. Use those keywords in your title, description, and beautiful images with little content. Simply ask yourself why a customer chose you among thousands of other GIGs, and you'll see why you need to make your gig unique, as well as give more for after-sales care.
  9. I I know you've already demonstrated patience and foresight in waiting for an order in your gig, so while I'm no expert, I can suggest that you make a decent video and outline your previous experience as well as your working procedure for completing requirements and achieving satisfactions.
  10. I am not an expert but always try to do it for myself so just giving you these tips. How can a man possible to 24 hour’s online so try t be online of the buyers suitable time. Just think about your targeted client and think what is their preferable time. 02, Try to invest your time in the fiverr forum.Make your Gig with your related keyword, do some SEO and find keywords that have volume.Buyer request sent maybe boost your activity.If you receive any message from any buyer, try to give a prompt request.Fiverr has its own algorithm so do some research to get it out.
  11. I have passed that experience with an buyer and I gentry told him that without receiving order I couldn’t do it, Its fiverr against and I asking him about his requirement’s in details and when I think that Its comfortable for me to doing , I just sending him offer.
  12. Wishing your good luck and welcome to fiverr forum.
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